The Gabinetto Numismatico e Medagliere holds an important collection of around 280.000 coins and medals. It is composed of two distinct collections: one belonging to the Municipality of Milan and one the property of the State. The Numismatic and Coin Collection, visited by scholars, collectors and Italian and foreign enthusiasts, offers a significant historical picture of coinage, with examples from the 6th century BC mints of Asia Minor as well as modern and contemporary coinage from both Italy and abroad. Among the examples of particular interest are: the archaic electrum coins from Asia Minor; those from Magna Graecia; coins from the Late Roman Empire (3rd – 4th century); the series from the mint of Milan; those of medieval and modern Germanic mints and Italian coins, with a particular focus on the output of Northern Italian mints (Genoa, Venice, Mantua and Parma). The holdings of tokens and tiles, produced between the end of the 16th century and modern times, and the monetary weights and scales, with a particular focus on artefacts from northern Italy, complete the collection. Regarding the collection of medals, it is worthwhile highlighting, in lieu of the quality of the specimens, the Italian pieces, from examples by Pisanello, in the first half of the 15th century, and medals from the second half of the 16th century. The collection is divided into nine sections: Greek coins, Roman Republican coins, Roman Imperial coins, Provincial Roman coins, Byzantine coins, coins of the mint of Milan, modern foreign currencies (with a large Middle Eastern section); Italian modern coins, and Medals (15th-20th century).