Rassegna di Studi e di Notizie

A yearly publication of the Achille Bertarelli Print Collection, Drawing Study, Photographic Archive, Collection of Antique Art, Collection of Applied Arts, Coin and Medals Room, Museum of Musical Instruments of the Sforza Castle.
ISSN 0394 – 4808 
Editor Claudio Salsi
Editorial Commission: Alessia Alberti,  Rodolfo Martini, Fiorella Mattio, Giovanna Mori, Silvia Paoli, Francesca Tasso, Ilaria Torelli, Paolo Bellini, Oleg Zastrow
Editorial Staff: Mariacristina Nasoni, Elena Ottina
Office Staff: Mariateresa Rutigliano

It was founded in 1973 by Clelia Alberici as a bulletin for the Achille Bertarelli Print Collection, the Applied Arts Collection and the Museum of Musical Instruments.  Since 1999 it has also included information about the Photographic Archive and in 2009 was extended to include the institutes of the other Castle Museum collections. The bulletin contains articles about the exhibits contained in the collections and the Sforza Castle. 

Those who wish to submit articles or contribute to the bulletin may contact the editor or those responsible for the section of interest directly.


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