Antonio Pisano, known as “Pisanello”, Medal of Filippo Maria Visconti

Antonio Pisano, known as “Pisanello” (Pisa, circa 1395 (?)-circa 1455), Medal of Filippo Maria ViscontiDuke of Milano (1412-1447)

Pisanello was a famous painter and medallist, active in the major states of Italy. Highly sought after by courts and notables for his skill, he composed complex representations or allegories and transposed portraits onto medals. His works are characterised by an original realism and the high quality of the castings. The obverse of this medal carries the profile portrait of Filippo Maria Visconti, third Duke of Milan, with a hat and cape with floral decorations; stated in the epigraphic inscription is also his title of Earl of Pavia and Angera and Lord of Genoa. On the reverse side, signed by the artist (OPUS PISANI PICTORIS) is a depiction of the duke on horseback, wearing armour and with his head covered by the ornate crest of the Visconti snake. Surrounding the Duke is a group of horsemen taking part in a tournament.