Jacopo Nizzola, known as "Jacopo da Trezzo", Scudo da Soldi 112 in silver of the Habsburg King, Philip II Spain

Jacopo Nizzola, known as "Jacopo da Trezzo" (Trezzo, 1515-Madrid, 1589), Scudo da Soldi 112 in silver of the Habsburg King, Philip II Spain, (1556-1598), Duke of Milan (1554-1598)

Medallist, sculptor and engraver of precious stones, Jacopo da Trezzo began working in Milan and moved to the court of Philip II of Spain towards the end of the 1550s. Attributed to the artist, the Scudo da Soldi 112, coined in 1556, represents the first commission by the King of Spain and perhaps the artist’s last work on the Italian peninsula.
The reverse of the coin depicts the feat of Hercules who carries the world in place of Atlas. An allegorical representation of the handing over of power from Charles V (ATLAS in the inscription), to his son Philip II, and his assumption of the control, not only of the Duchy of Milan, but also of the entire world. The detailed image of Hercules with bent knees clearly renders the extreme physical effort required to hold the globe.  The obverse portrait depicts the bust of Philip II no longer in allegorical Herculean guise, but wearing armour and a necklace of the Order of the Golden Fleece.